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‘Contract staffing’ refers to an arrangement that has arisen organically in hiring practices in many countries, rather than a term defined by law or regulations. Therefore, it is difficult to define precisely.

A contract for services, not an employment contract. When a company uses contract staffing, they don’t usually hire those individuals as employees. Instead, the company enters into a B2B contract with a staffing agency which provides specific services.

Fixed-term, or project-based hires, not permanent. It applies to a relationship of a fixed time period, or relating to a specific project. When that period is over, the contract terminates. It does not usually refer to permanent staffing arrangements. A third party agency. A staffing agency (sometimes also called a ‘labor hire company’, ‘labor leasing company’ or ‘contract services company’) is usually engaged to lend or assign their staff to the client company. These staff may themselves be employees of the staff agency, or in some cases, contractors of the staffing agency.